How to Change Your Snapchat Username.

The newest social media craze is Snapchat. It is a mobile application that allows people to send and receive pictures, videos and messages with one another. The app works similarly to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The thing that differentiates it from the others is its 24-hour status update function. This means you can only see your friends’ chats while they are active. So, if you have a lot of snaps waiting for you when you go on your next break at work, here’s how you can change your username for the platform.

How to Change Your Snapchat Username

How to Change Your Username

If you want to change your username, this short guide will help you get started:

– Go to the settings cog on the top right of your screen.

– Click on “Edit Profile.”

– Scroll down to the “Name” field.

– Type in a different username that you would like to use and click on “Save.” That’s it! You now have a new username and you won’t be able to see any of your old snaps or activity that was sent before this change.


Why You Should Change Your Username

Changing your username is a great way to differentiate yourself from all the other users in the app. Plus, it gives you more of an opportunity to stand out and create a positive brand for yourself.

Change your username to something that speaks to how you want to be seen or does not speak as much to what you use the app for. For example, if you are using Snapchat as a marketing platform, then your username should be something that relates to what you do (easy enough). If you are just using the app because it is fun and social, then you can go with something like “live life.”

Once you have decided on a username, make sure that it’s easy for people to remember. It would be best if it is three or fewer words long. The longer your username is, the harder time people will have remembering it.

To change your Snapchat username, log into your account and click on “My Profile.” Once on this page, scroll down until you see “Username” and select “change.” You’ll notice a field where you can type in your new username.


What to Do When You Have a New Username

At first, it may seem like just a quick and easy way to avoid the long waits. However, if you do end up using SnapChat as your main social media platform, you will have to change your username every time you change your profile picture.

Luckily, there is an easy way to do this. When you open the app for the first time after changing your name on Facebook or Instagram, you will be asked if you want to use your new name. Just follow these steps and select “yes” for a new username:

1) Login to Snapchat

2) Choose what kind of filter your face has

3) Select the emoji that represents yourself

4) Type in a username with at least three letters



If you are considering a new username, it’s really important to think through your username and what might happen if you change it. For example, if your username is “socks,” the chances of someone else going by the same username are pretty low. But if your username is “,” the chances are much higher that someone else will go by that name. So before you change your username, think about how your name will appear in the app.