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7 Rules For Branding Social Media

There are certain things you can do to help build your social media campaign for your business. It is not vital for every business/ person to have a social media presence, but I would say it is vital for most businesses to have a social media presence, whether it is a one man plumbing business, or a large corporation, social media can help improve business and trust in your business.

In a recent survey it was discovered that 93% of people who use social media use Facebook as their primary social media platform (a large % of these also use other platforms, but Facebook is the primary). There are so many social media platforms out there that you must make sure you have accounts on the ‘big boys’ of social media. These are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and if you are into video marketing, then YouTube.


The first and probably most important thing you could do across all your accounts it is to show consistency. Use the same picture or logo for all your profile pictures in all of the four social media platforms above (and any others you may belong to). The more places that people your picture or logo the more trust they will start to have for you and your brand.


Get involved in Groups in Facebook and LinkedIn, and make sure you use some of your keywords in Twitter. The more you get involved in groups the more people will start to see your name/brand and again this builds trust. Another benefit of getting involved in groups in LinkedIn is that when you add your link it counts as a back link to your site. LinkedIn is one of the only social media platforms not using ‘nofollow’ tags.


Don’t spam people! This is vital and you will get flagged. When you invite people to befriend you on any platform (except LinkedIn), let them know why you want to connect with them. Is it because of a common group, a job, maybe you just like the same movies, it doesn’t matter; just mention it in your invitation to them. This breaks the ice and looks like you actually care about them and that you are not just trying to sell something to them.


Make sure you update your status regularly. I’ve seen to many people try sell through their status update- don’t! Drive people to your blog  or website. If you don’t have a blog- then get one. They are becoming more and more important to establish yourself as an expert. Make your status updates informative. Throw a mixture of personal, business and maybe even some trivia.


As with status updates don’t spam! I get so much spam through my Twitter direct messages that I tend to miss the rare jewel that comes through. Facebook makes it a bit easier to determine what is spam and what is not, but I have found my messages still get backed up.


Make sure you add value. People will talk about what the trust and what they can learn from. The best form of business for any business is word of mouth. This means your next visitor to your site, or your store will already trust you before they arrive and may already be in the mood to buy.


There are so many businesses out there in every industry it is almost impossible to be unique. What separates your business apart? Well, if you do have a unique product, you are lucky if not the biggest thing that sets you apart is YOU. So make sure you portray yourself in a way that brands you in a way that will leave you head and shoulders above the rest. A good start would be connecting with your customers directly. Everyone likes to know the boss.

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