SUPERBOARD: More popular than popcorn!

There was never any doubt that the GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 would become of our most popular motherboards ever. We were sure that this motherboard would get the highest scores in all test. That you recommend your customers to buy this high-performance motherboard at an incredibly competitive price is something we expect.

Barbro, 53: "I bought one for my old man and he has never been as nice as he is now"

GA-Z97X-Gaming 3

BRAIN TRAINING: Do you know motherboards?

How good do you know the products that you sell? Can you spot the 5 differences in the image?

Click on the picture to see if you found all.

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MONSTERDEAL: GIGABYTE Z97 Black Edition - Take one, get two!

When buying a Z97 Black Edition motherboard we now offer in addition to the 5-year warranty, also the possibility that within three years replacing the motherboard for a newer model. Click on the image to get more information about this great offer.

Take One, Get 2
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