Updated our recommended computer packages

With the release of X99, we thought it was time to update our recommendations for computer packages. We have introduced two computer systems based on X99 and made ​​updates on other packages. Click on the picture below to see the brand new performance monsters that we think you should offer your customers!

GIGABYTE's recommended computer packages

What distinguishes the different models?GIGABYTE X99 - What distinguishes the different models?

We understand that it can be difficult to know which motherboard that is best suited for your customer's needs. We made a comparison for you so that you can get a quick overview when recommending just the right motherboard.


Click on the image on the right to download the comparison.

GIGABYTE Bonus program

Did you know that you can earn points each time you buy a GIGABYTE motherboard? You can then use the points in exchange for new boards.


Register here if you are not already registered: http://bonus.gigabytenordic.com/

GIGABYTE Bonus program

GIGABYTE and Intel offers cashback when buying a motherboard and CPU

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